About Southern Brass

Southern Brass is an innovative company and our headquarters are in Mobile, Alabama. We have locations in six cities and three states. We are ever striving to improve who we are, and what we do for our customer, the Builder. We have multiple warehouses. Our real uniqueness begins with our eight trucks used as Rolling Store. Each truck has a Schlage and Kwik-set key machine. Southern Brass developed unique key control system making key replacement quick and easy. Our Goal- To be an asset to your construction process.

On Time Deliveries
Our Rolling Store meets your customer at job site. We assist them with their Hardware selection. Our customer is THE BUILDER. We make every effort to stay within budget allowances. Door Protection and Security-We provide and install Temporary Construction Locksets at NO CHARGE.

The Southern Brass Rolling Store
The Rolling Store is a complete inventory of door hardware, bath accessories, hinge stops and parts for expeditious delivery. Southern Brass uses the Smart Key Control System for quick key replacement with Kwikset.

Our History
Southern Brass was founded in 1999 by Andrew Denham. A former owner of a 30 year old successful window and door company, he has been a member of the Home Builder Association since 1976. He has served on the HBA board of directors, as HBA Parade of Homes Chairman and HBA Marketing Director. Lisa Denham joined Southern Brass in 2011. She worked for Waffle House for 27 years and was a successful multi-unit manager WH. The Rolling Store Concept was created was implemented to take a difficult product and make it easy. The intent was to build a service company with quality branded products, to be an asset to home builders during the construction process, and still
provide a low price.

Our Mission Is Quality
zero defectsQuality is defined and measured by conformance to requirements. Without requirements, there can be no measurement of quality. Quality is our most difficult task. We know our commitment to quality must work from the top down. Our badge is ZERO DEFFECTS. We are a company desiring a shared purpose of improving. Our failure to meet requirements is considered a defect.

Nearly all defects are caused by lack of knowledge or lack of attention. To know and meet predetermined requirements requires much effort. This is our training. We see errors and defects as an unacceptable added cost with reduction of value. We believe a more cost effective approach would be to identify and prevent errors. Quality in itself is a self funding value.

Quality is an achievable, measurable, profitable value of Southern Brass, LLC. We strive to make quality certain. We, as with most companies, are often surprised by our own mistakes. Big or small, or even laughable at times, we are committed to never ending improvements, as well as the prevention of errors. Our goal, at every position and with every task, is to provide products and perform our jobs error free, to do the job right, the first time and every time.

Our Simple Goal

To provide more value in service and product than we receive in payment!