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Southern Brass, LLC
0ffice: 251-370-8221
Fax: 877-310-5878

Pres. & CEO, Andrew Denham: 251-379-4045
VP & CFO, Lisa Denham: 251-776-4338
Operations Director, Brittany Barber: 251-370-8221
Quality Control Director, Wesley Devenney: 251-620-8602
Asst. Quality Control Director, Jonathan Hovatter: 251-620-7246
Asst Operations Director, Betty Aughtman: 251-422-3007

Scheduling FL & LA, Christina McCabe: 251-379-4046
Scheduling  AL & MS, Jennifer Anderson: 251-422-6910

Scheduling  FL AL & MS, Christy Dale : 251-644-4547

Our Simple Goal

To provide more value in service and product than we receive in payment!